About Us

Since 2001, We have been providing the area with great quality beverages and food. We take pride in knowing that all of our drinks originate from the finest ingredients available to us. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee from our very own hand-chosen roaster: Oregon Coffee Roasters! The beans and roasts are selected with specific beverages in mind. Torani and Hollander offer us a variety of fine syrup and sauce flavors to add to our memorable creations. Our baristas stay current by attending coffee shows, experiencing, and learning new trends so we can stay on top of our game.

We also take pride in our baking. All of our items are baked fresh daily by one or both of our bakers. Just as always, we offer special bakery orders for anyone who wishes to order large quantities of baked goods or just wants to ensure that their favorites will be available for them. All we ask for is a 24-hour notice for any order.

Since our beginning in 2001, we have grown and evolved to be what we are now. We are proud of our staff that has grown with us through the years. The talent, personality, commitment, and enthusiasm they have help make things happen. Passion and encouragement make the difference in what we do.
Our staff is our family and our customers are our friends. We wouldnโ€™t have it any other way!