Delicious Pumpkin Muffin … so moist and cream cheese icing!

OCTOBER Features: #1 Pumpkin Roll Frappe from Monday, October 7 – Sunday, October 20 … #2 Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl [ pumpkin, banana, local maple syrup & cinnamon, topped with granola & pumpkin]– autumn glory Weekend, from Thursday, October 10 – Sunday, October 13

remember, just beyond pumpkin season… it’s holiday cookie time!


The Holiday Cookie Party is November 12 from 3pm-6pm

We’re known for our annual, fresh-baked cookie party. Cookie fanatics pick a half-hour “session” and have a chance to sample and order their holiday favorites. Then our elves have them ready just in time for friends and family to arrive!

So make your reservation for the always-amazing-Holiday Cookie Party.

Get a head start on ordering and planning with an ORDER FORM, click this button:

In case you missed it, above, the Holiday Cookie Party is November 12 from 3pm-6pm… be sure to make your reservation for a half-hour of cookie-sampling heaven!

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