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Oregon Coffee Roaster., Inc began in 1985, roasting specialty coffee in the rural hills of Oregon, just outside Portland.  In the northwest, we value our coffee as a quick retreat from a blustery winter snowfall or a summer downpour!  From these small beginnings we have grown to a company that ships fresh-roasted, high-quality Arabica coffees to businesses across the United States including single-origin, estate, certified organic, proprietary blends and flavored coffees.  Janet Munkres and Cindy Ertell are hands-on owners, working daily to assure each order is handled with care from receiving the green coffee beans to loading the completed orders on the delivery truck.

OCR is committed to the Sivetz hot-air roasting method because it ensures clean, consistent roasts in all of our coffees. The Sivetz roaster is unique in that it uses hot air to roast coffee rather than a hot surface. The result is a clean uniform roast, free of the smoke and tar contamination found with other roasters. We roast each coffee to its peak shade and flavor so that you can be assured the best possible taste.

The warm beans from the roaster are hand screened to eliminate debris. Your coffee arrives without the broken beans and residuals found in many other coffees.  You and your customers will discern the difference hand screening makes in the coffee you provide.


It all started over 25 years ago. Besides growing apples on our farm, we also grew Christmas trees. And since there's nothing better than a cup of hot spiced cider on a cold winter day, we gave away free hot cider to everyone who bought a tree. The only problem was the New England weather. It was so difficult to predict how much cider we would need on any given day, and we often ended up with either gallons of wasted cider or too little for all of our thirsty, chilly customers.

Then it hit us. We had a maple syrup evaporator on the farm, and we could use that to concentrate the cider. With a concentrated cider syrup, we could prepare the cider as needed and always be ready - no matter what Mother Nature had in store for us.

Before long, word of our concentrated cider spread to local businesses, and the rest, as they say, is history. Our company has continued to grow, and we now sell to an international market. But the most important thing to us is, and always has been, that our customers enjoy a quality product. We wouldn't sell something we didn't enjoy ourselves.

Our family has grown with the love of Mountain Cider, and we're happy to share that love and passion for cider with you.